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Join the immersive story telling experience Snap Theatre has to offer as we delve into the classic tale of,Hans Christian Andersen's...


Imaginative puppetry,song and colourful costumes brings to life a story of love,friendship and very peculiar little Goblins with an eye for mischief. This is the perfect story to be told in your school this Autumn term!

In a frozen land far far away, a Snow Queen kidnaps a young boy named Kai. His best friend Gerda, a stumpy, grumpy, determined little girl becomes the hero who sets out to rescue him. On the way she finds friends who will help her, and the truth about the mysterious Snow Queen and why she lives locked up in her Icy Palace.

Icy, wintry fun and learning for ages 5-11

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New Writing

Real Lives  Real People- a season of cutting edge work.
Original Stories about real events, real people that make the plays we stage unique!

Andy has written 6 new stories for children. go to for more information.

In 2013 Andy has been commission to write 3  new plays which will go into production in 2014