Gateway - Unearthing the worlds hidden treasures through storytelling

Gateway interactive workshops

19/20th April 2016 St.Martin-in-the-Field, Trafaglar Square

"Uncovering and celebrating the world's cultural heritage"

Exploring the hidden treasures that make our cultural heritage so important through an interactive theatre workshop run by the internationally acclaimed Snap Theatre Company for children and young people ( 10-12 years of age)
The triumphal arc in Palmyra is one of the world's  gateways, a meeting place to unlock the history of time and place and above all the people of generations gone by and those of the future.In this interactive workshop children explore the stories of how the arc came to be, the significance of Palmyra and even do some creative building of their own using some very special creative techniques.Professional actors and storytellers will inspire the children to want to read and research, to communicate their stories of hidden treasures far and wide but some of which are as near as their own back door!
This workshop is a taster workshop in a series to be rolled out in schools over the next 12 months in the UK and Syria itself. Created by teacher,theatre director and writer Andy Graham who has written and directed over 50 plays with the internationally acclaimed Snap Theatre Company including My Beautiful Laundrette,Sense and Sensibility, A Room With A View and other contemporary plays for young people including The Snowman, The Borrowers,  and The Night Before Christmas. He has worked extensively in Rwanda, Romania and Bangladesh enthusing teachers with his creative approach to teacher training and creating opportunities for children around the world to write their own stories and creative express their vision of a future world through an exciting and visionary arts project , The Longest Story in the World. 
Andy says "archaeology is not just the design of our buildings but the design of our minds, always challenging where, why and how we live and celebrating it by symbols we can all share and enjoy through our international language of creativity"
Snap Theatre Company was set up in 1979 by Andy Graham working extensively in schools, colleges and theatres in the belief that the arts was a gateway for all children and young people to engage in so as to inform the future by learning through the past and facing the challenges of the future. Over 120 projects have been rolled out to date to over an audience of three and half million people in over 30 years in the UK and created partnerships formed all over the world with NGO's , arts organisations in the UK and overseas. It continues to challenge with its productions, workshops and courses both itself as an organisation and the audience it reaches out to.
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